Moving and shaking in Mangamaire

Talking about the Government’s broadband push (which I mentioned in my first posting), let’s hear it for the Tararua District Council. As reported in the Manawatu Standard, it has taken on the might of Telecom “with the launch of its own groundbreaking high-speed broadband connection throughout the district.”
The Mangamaire Country School, north of Eketahuna, was the first school to hook up to the fibre-optic cabling network and will act as a hub for the rest of the rural community – farmers, we are told, will be able to drag wire across their farms and connect to the high-speed link.

The newspaper quoted NZ Telecommunications Users’ Association chief executive Ernie Newman as describing Tararua’s project to bring high-speed internet to isolated rural areas as “revolutionary” and “surely a day that will go down in the history of New Zealand.”

Damned right. But did you read about it in your Dom-Post? Not that my research team could find. Nor did they run my finely crafted press statement on the matter.

I enthused especially about something Ernie pointed out – that the Tararua council, FX networks and Inspire Net had brought the link to the country, and “there are two people who are not involved – one is Telecom, and the other is the Government.” He also said the high-speed internet would help teachers provide a better education and farmers run their businesses.

Newsworthy stuff, I reckon – and much too important to be confined to the well-informed readership of the Manawatu Standard.

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