Bring back proper gongs

Happy New Year, constituents.

This is my first contribution to the blogosphere since just before Christmas. I have nothing too profound to say, except I’m still pissed off about being overlooked – again – in the New Year’s honours. Gongs were dished out to the likes of Margaret Wilson for persistently screaming “order, order” during her term as Speaker. Against that, the failure to honour the long-serving, hard-working member for Eketahuna North is a bloody scandal.

The missus wrote an admirable letter to support her nomination of me, too.

A bigger scandal is the previous government’s scrapping of proper honours – knighthoods, OBEs, MBEs and other splending-sounding gongs to remind us of our British heritage and the bestowal of titles by our Sovereign. You know you’ve met someone important when you are introduced to a Sir Edmund Hillary, a Sir Richard Hadlee, a Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and so on. And Sir Alf Grumble has a nice ring about it.

I’m pleased to say my leader, John Key, is on the case. Before the election he was hinting at a review of the New Zealand honours system if the National Party was elected on November 8, saying he preferred the old honours system of knighthoods and damehoods, to the present system where the top honour is the Order of New Zealand.

Key said changing the honours system was not something he would do in his first week but “down the track we could have a look at that, have a review”.

The path is clear. We won, Clark’s pinko mob lost and Alf has a bloody good chance of being Sir Alf before long.

2 Responses to Bring back proper gongs

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