BB of good cheer

Alf takes umbrage at being described as a bloody old curmudgeon by BustedBlond (he won’t be old until he is 110, and he reserves the right to push that figure out a few years when he gets there).

He also is smarting at the low blow struck by BB, who – like most women – has no compunction about hitting below the belt.

But he is delighted she regards herself as a Pollyanna who is pleased about many things–

So “wee Willy” Grumbleguts – here is our list of things to be pleased about.
• We are fit and well endowed.
• Paula Bennett is shaping up to be an inspiration for all who come from struggle street.
• Judith Collins looks like she has full control of her police portfolio
• Georgina te HeuHeu has employed some thinking women’s crumpet as her advisor – and he is smart as well.
• We have some lovely new clients.
• We like Tim Grosers approach – he has his guitar strumming fingers on the pulse.
• We have tended to reserve our judgement on McCully – but bugger us, he is rising to the occasion and considering the Mculliavelli is not that tall that’s a bit of rising.
• Wellingtons Restaurants have improved their service as they have to look after their customers more.
• And best of all there is a wine glut – that means we can drink more for less!!

Fair enough. Alf is willing to consider adding BB to the ranks of those with a cheery outlook on life.

He would have added her to the list already, but for her unseemly readiness to under-estimate the size of whatever might be packed inside his jockeys. He’s “the member for Eketahuna North” for more reasons than one, duckie.

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