Learning the obvious about fish

Wonder how much it cost to learn the palpably obvious: that more people would eat more fish if it didn’t cost so bloody much.

According to a press release from the Nielsen Company

The results of a Nielsen survey indicate that 59% of New Zealanders would eat more fish and seafood if cost was not an issue. The survey, carried out in 52 countries, periodically tracks global trends and regional preferences.

“Although most New Zealanders surveyed (95%) believe that fish is good for them, the reluctance to consume more fish and seafood can be blamed largely on the perception of the expense of fish in this country,” said Susanna Baggaley, Executive Director, Consumer Research, The Nielsen Company New Zealand.


Bollocks. That fish is expensive is a reality, and to a significant extent it’s a government-engineered reality caused by the quota system’s constraints on the catching and supply of fish.

Limit the supply and what happens?

Why, the price goes up (go to the top of the class the readers who gave that answer) and those who can’t afford it look for alternative products.

Alf reckons the surveyors would learn much the same if they tried asking people about the cost of – let’s say – fillet steak.

Yep. More people would eat fillet steak if it didn’t cost so much.

Oh, and more people would buy a Ferrari if it didn’t cost so much.

And so on.

But hey. It’s a fair bet the Neilsen surveyors can afford to buy fish.

Probably they can afford to eat fillet steak much more often than the rest of us, too, and what’s the betting they all drive Ferraris?

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