A nicely cooked policy

Green MP Sue Kedgley only ever looked good to Alf when she leapt into a sow crate for a photo opportunity some years back (actually, she was reported to have elbowed aside some Green colleagues for the privilege).

So he will quietly busy himself with something – like read his Dominion-Post – when she gets to quiz the Minister of Education at Question Time today.

Her question to Anne Tolley:

Did she seek advice from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, or Sport and Recreation New Zealand on her decision to remove the National Administrative Guideline requiring schools to sell only healthy food; if so, what concerns, if any, were raised?

It’s a huge waste of breath. Alf knows you don’t have to consult with all those people to come up with a good policy.

He wonders real hard about Kedgley and her preoccupations. The Department of Personal Opinions, before the 2008 election, credited her with having

“a commitment and passion for ensuring the food we eat is safe.”

Does anyone not worry about their food being safe?

Alf certainly does. But he doesn’t force his concerns on others or turn them into cumbersome regulations. He simply asks Mrs Grumble (nicely) to please sample his food before he tucks in.

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