Prepare to do battle again

Good questions have been raised by Adam Smith 1922 at The Inquiring Mind about the S92A copyright issue, both before and after Commerce Minister Simon Power sounded feeble and unconvincing when grilled on Morning Report today.

Power’s performance had an apoplectic Alf choking on his black pudding, bacon and eggs and wondering what the bugger is doing in the Key Cabinet.

As Adam put it –

Power could not or would not effectively respond to Plunket on why if this was a bad law, National did not drop it and write a better law. He took refuge in ‘the industry was close to a Code of Practice‘ gambit. Plunket pointed out that did not make a bad law a good one.

Power was evasive when asked if interests outside NZ, especially US interests were driving this law. It would be truly appalling if National was yielding to such interests who would not get away with such behaviour in thier own home countries. Nor did Power have a satisfactory response as to why the Code was being drafted by parties who did not represent the people who would be affected, i.e. consumers.

National is making serious errors of judgment on this matter. Power’s performance was dreadful. Clearly someone sent him along as the patsy.

Adam asks again Who is the Ancient Mariner, seeking to fasten this stinking albatross of a law around National’s neck?

That was a reference to an earlier posting in which Adam wondered why on earth the Key administration is proceeding with this dreadful law and its guilt-by-association provisions.

He cited a posting at Homepaddock, where this question was posed?

Why would you inflict all that damage on yourself for legislation which was the previous administration’s mistake when you could simply delay the implementation of the two clauses until a fairer and more effective solution to the problem of illegal downloads is devised?

Adam, by the way, is among those who have exercised a healthy scepticism that the PM’s announcement on the issue yesterday was a victory for the black blogging brigade.

The PM has done no more than announce that the implementation of S92A will be delayed until a code of practice is developed. If no code of practice is developed then the clauses may be scrapped.

This is being interpreted by many as victory for the protesters and for those lobbying against the law.
This is not necessarily the case.

Adam cited an article in Computerworld which has him doubting an outcome acceptable to those who protested will be reached.
Hence he was appropriately suspicious that the delay announced pending agreement on a Code of Practice means the law will be implemented providing a Code of Practice is agreed.

Adam urges –

Repeal of the clauses should be our objective, not quiescent acceptance of a delay.

Looks like it is much too early to declare victory. Alf is eager to carry on the fight and to take up battle stations in the Eketahuna Club again to do his duty. Actually, he is so eager to do his duty in the club, he doesn’t feel he must wait to receive his orders.

One Response to Prepare to do battle again

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Well said Alf, but then I would say that wouldn’t I!

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