Another needless special day

Here comes another of those officially fabricated special occasions– this time it’s Children’s Day.

Up here in Eketahuna, where we love our kids and our kids love us, every day is Children’s Day.

Alf would like to think the same is true elsewhere around the country, and is perplexed that his Government is declaring just one day to be Children’s Day, whereas it is devoting a whole week to recognising Fraud Awareness Week.

It was announced today by a woman for whom Alf has more than a sneaking regard – a minister with balls, bottle and chutzpah, Paula Bennett.

But there she was, telling us hundreds of events will be held around the country this Sunday – March 1 – to celebrate Children’s Day.

Her media statement goes on –

“Children’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being with our kids. It’s the day to remind ourselves how lucky we are – and to just play, have fun and listen to our children,” says the Minister for Social Development and Employment Paula Bennett.

“This year I’ll be joining in celebrations at the Toddler Day Out and Great Parenting Fair in my home patch of Waitakere, and later at the Children’s Day event at Jordan Field in Tauranga.”

Good luck, Paula. Alf will be holding court at the club.

The theme of this year’s Children’s Day – for what it’s worth – is ‘Listening and Talking’, which Paula says is vital for the social, emotional and cognitive development of children and young people.

This nonsense obviously started under the previous government, because this is the ninth year in a row we’ve held Children’s Day.

Bennett conceded in her statement –

but really – we should celebrate our kids every day. As parents, we’re constantly learning what it means to nurture, cherish and raise our children.

She went on to tell us that being a parent is the best – and sometimes most challenging – experience anyone can have.

That’s why this year’s theme is so important. It’s only by listening and talking to our kids that we really get to know who they are, and they get to grow to be adults, comfortable and confident within themselves.”

It seems she was telling the gutter press where to get off, too, over its unwholesome fascination with her relationship with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfiriend. She’s a proud and dutiful mum with nothing to say sorry for –

“And it’s something that shouldn’t stop as your children get older. Your kids will always be your kids, no matter how old they are.”

Good on you, Paula.

But Alf is sticking to his view that these bureaucratically designed special occasions – Children’s Day, Fraud Awareness Week, Be Kind to Morons Month, Don’t Forget About the Dwarfs Day, blah blah – are a load of bollocks.

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