Seeing red at Pink Shirt Day

In case you missed it, today – it seems – was Pink Shirt Day and a gaggle of Labour MPs was suitably attired to mark the occasion (which has even less going for it than Children’s Day).

They issued a statement today to declare –

The members of Labour’s Rainbow Caucus MP are today donning appropriately coloured shirts in support of the country’s first ever Pink Shirt Day, designed to highlight the need to prevent bullying in schools.

The statement provides some background (the first Pink Shirt Day took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, when two 17 year old high school students decided to stand up for a friend who had been harassed for wearing a pink shirt to school).

It explains that key education groups including NZEI Te Riu Roa and the PPTA have joined forces with SS4Q – “a national network working towards making schools safer for queer young people” – to promote Pink Shirt Day here.

And it says Labour’s Rainbow Caucus members, Grant Robertson, Maryan Street, Charles Chauvel and Chris Carter, were all planning to wear pink shirts in support.

“Lesbian and gay students are especially vulnerable to bullying, which is why our Rainbow caucus is taking a stand,” Maryan Street said

Alf doesn’t have a pink shirt, and if he did have one he wouldn’t have worn it for this occasion. Not on the main street of Eketahuna, where such a garment on a pillar of the community would result in a serious erosion of voter support at the next election.

At time of writing his face was more florid than usual, fair to say, but that owed more to his cognac consumption than to any sympathising with Labour’s Rainbow Caucus and their somewhat selective cause.

Let’s get serious and discourage and denounce all school bullying. Full stop.

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