Wishing the wisdom of Solomon upon Metiria

The Green Party’s Metiria Turei was gushing on Waatea News this morning about her Maori strengths, when talking about her ambition to succeed Jeanette Fitzsimons as a co-leader.

Her ability to bring a Maori perspective to issues would be among the skills she brings to the job, if she gets it ahead of colleague Sue Bradford.

“The skill set that I bring from my Maori background to the co-leadership is understanding the importance of ‘the group’ as the primary driver of policy but also of power,” she went on in that nice touchy-feely way that has led the Greens to dispense with a party whip and to have a musterer instead.

She likened co-leadership in the Greens to leadership in Maoridom.

It’s about facilitating the group to be our leaders, she warbled.

“In the Green Party the leaders aren’t our bosses, our leaders serve us, and in Maoridom I think that is the case as well.”

Seems she hasn’t been in touch with the recent goings-on among Ngai Tahu, and the dumping of the highly regarded Wally Stone, well dossiered by BustedBlonde at Roarprawn.

BB is adamant

It is time for the titular head of Ngai Tahu to show the wisdom of his namesake and resign. Mark Solomon has fallen well short of the conduct that we as a tribe expect from our leader. He has shown he is small minded, argueably vindictive and lacking in the financial nous needed to keep the assets of our people safe. His integrity also faces scrutiny.

BB refers to Stone asking if a paper had been written that outlined his dismissal. Solomon denied its existence.

Stone asked again, and again Solomon denied any paper existed. Then to the shock and dismay of the runanga members Stone produced the paper that damned him. The meeting ended in disarray and while Solomon set about trying to convince Stone to resign – he wouldn’t, so Solomon was forced to oust him that afternoon and dress it up as a ” change of direction”.

BB also says some runanga are fearful that the way the ousting was carried out will also open up the tribe to a lengthy court battle.

Alf delights in the thought that Metiria will bring this style of leadership to the Greens.

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