The marvels of mauri and mingling mana

A bunch of our judges were very early risers today, so they could turn up for a ceremony of dubious worth at the new Supreme Court building in Wellington.

The Government hasn’t disclosed exactly when the poor buggers were required to get out of bed.

But a media statement from the Office of Courts Minister Georgina te Heuheu tells us –

A short, simple yet moving ceremony marking the customary laying of the mauri stone took place at the front steps of the new Supreme Court early this morning.

Local Te Atiawa elders Sam and June Jackson joined with the Minister for Courts, Hon Georgina te Heuheu, and judges of the Supreme Court to conduct the ceremony in the early hours.

Mrs te Heuheu said she was very appreciative of the presence of the elders who conducted the ceremony.

She should have been very appreciative of the presence of the judges too, surely. Chances are most if not all of them would harbour a modicum of scepticism about all this carry-on, but must kept quiet about their scepticism.

So what exactly was the purpose of the ceremony?

It was to breathe some sort of life force into the concrete, glass and what-have-you of the new construction. And into the rulings reached by the judges who sit on the bench inside.

The customary mauri stone represents the life force or the essence not only of the building but also of the important work that will be conducted there in the future, she said.

The ceremony saw the laying of three stones from Mt Taranaki.

‘This morning’s short, simple yet moving ceremony brought together the mana of Maori with the mana of the Crown,’ she said.

We call this sort of thing mumbo-jumbo when it’s done in other countries.

Here it’s increasingly becoming an imporant part of observing the Treaty partnership, which means it isn’t mumbo-jumbo.

The new Supreme Court is expected to be finished early next year.

Alf wonders whether whatever happens inside the building after that will be in any way enhanced by today’s ceremony, compared with what would have happened if there had been no laying of a mauri stone.

In other words – why not let the judges have a good night’s kip like the rest of us?

One Response to The marvels of mauri and mingling mana

  1. alex Masterley says:

    That sort of activity is aa complete and utter waste of time. My attidtude is there is some sort of life force in the buidling then get an exorcist.

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