Clark honours system going, going – gong

A great move by The Boss – he’s announced the titles of Dames and Knights are to be restored to the New Zealand honours system.

One of the first daft moves by the Clark Government back in 2000 was to drop titles from the top levels of the honours system – Knight and Dame Grand Companion (GNZM) and Knight and Dame Companion (KNZM/DNZM).

Alf was among those who suspected the decision was part of an insidious socialist plot to edge us towards republicanism, reinforced by the subsequent dumping of the Privy Council (it cost Kiwi taxpayers nothing to tap into the best legal brains in the Commonwealth) to set up a Supreme Court here (which costs us heaps).

He is chuffed to see BustedBlonde, at Roarprawn. supports the move back to Sirs and Dames. Could be something to chat about if ever she drops into the Eketahuna Club – he’ll nominate her for a top gong if she’ll nominate him.

Just imagine the Queen tapping her on the shoulders with that sword of hers, then saying: “Rise, Dame Busted”.

Readers of this blog will know the restoration of proper honours was the subject of Alf’s first blog in the new year and that he followed up by saluting the Monarchist League of New Zealand for its stout work on the issue.

Now it’s a done deal. Alf’s crusades get results, you could say (although it was an election promise and didn’t need much lobbying).

According to Stuff

Mr Key said it was his pleasure to return to titles that would recognise service given to New Zealand.

“This is about celebrating success,” Mr Key said.

The 85 New Zealanders who were given honours which used to come with a title will now be given the opportunity to accept the title of Knight or Dame.

“The Queen has given approval for the reinstatement of titles. The changes will be finalised and come into effect in time for the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June,” Mr Key said.

Colin Meads will become Sir Colin, and rightly so, if he accepts.

Dame Jenny (Shipley) has a nice ring about it, too, but Dame Margaret (Shields) would stick in Alf’s craw. Her claim to the honour isn’t altogether obvious to him.

Oh, there has been a sour note. Let the record show the bloody Greens quickly weighed in against the restoration of common sense (which is what we’ve come to expect of them, eh?)

The Green’s co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons is reported as saying New Zealand’s Honours system should remain independent.

“We should celebrate outstanding New Zealanders as New Zealanders rather than as part of an outgrown relationship with the British Empire,” Ms Fitzsimons said.

“We’re surprised at the priority this topic has received when the country faces an economic and environmental crisis.”

What bollocks.

Our economic programme was in no way jeopardised because neither a great effort nor vast resources were required to reach the glaringly obvious decision to bring back knighthoods and damehoods, then to bang off a quick letter to Her Majesty to take care of the protocols.

3 Responses to Clark honours system going, going – gong

  1. homepaddock says:

    Sir Alf – or would it be Sir Alfred?

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    It would have to be Sir Alfred (and I’m looking forward to it). But my friends and admirers (including your good self) would be encouraged to continue to call me plain old Alf.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Gosh, sir (one day to be Sir) this humble devotee or your wise and witty writing is greatly honoured to be included in the good company of your friends and admirers.

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