An ill-considered expression of gratitude

Alf extends his thanks to Whale Oil for alerting him to some provocative stuff (at least it will be here in Eketahuna) from North Shore mayor Andrew Williams.

Whale Oil finds the Mayor a rich source of fodder for his blog, and thus keeps an eye on mayoral statements, such as that reported by TVNZ.

Alf was down at the Eketahuna Hotel last night, patiently fielding a raft of niggles and complaints from constituents about the prospect of their being walloped with higher road taxes to help Aucklanders.

Accordingly we were oblivious to Williams’ statement, which would have poured more fuel on the fire.

An Auckland region mayor has expressed his “heartfelt thanks to people in the provinces for their generous contribution towards sorting out Auckland’s transport problems”.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams was commenting after the government announced it would scrap regional fuel taxes – including Auckland’s which was to increase to 9.5c a litre in two years – and replace them with an increase in the national petrol tax.

The national fuel tax will increase by three cents a litre in October this year and again in October 2010.

The changes to the petrol tax are part of the government’s $1 billion additional investment in the state highway network announced this week.

“This is brilliant news for Auckland that we will not have to fund our rail electrification, ferry upgrades, integrated ticketing and the Penlink causeway solely from fuel taxes taken within the Auckland region,” Williams says.

“I would like to extend my thanks to the people from the likes of Gore, Timaru, Hokitika, Waipukurau, Stratford, Opotiki, and Kerikeri for contributing in the future to Auckland’ transport woes.”

Hold it right their, Mr Mayor.

If you must put out a thank-you list, what happened to Eketahuna?

For his part, Whale Oil wonders what time the Mayor’s press release was sent out, and huffs:

This guy surely is the biggest cock to ever enter local body politics.

Alf can tender advice on how to deal with the problem of unwanted cocks – he recommends North Shore voters do to Williams what Lorena Bobbit did to her husband John back in 1993.

He’s not sure what to do to reduce the political heat from constituents who are really riled by the extra road tax burden soon to be heaped on them by his impetuous colleagues.

PS: Just a thought: does Whale Oil get taxed too?

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