From left and right, he’s a Dick

Any sympathy for Dick Worth on the blogosphere – or anywhere, for that matter – after The Boss reprimanded him over that conflict of interest stuff raised by his trip to India?

None that was found during a somewhat hasty check this morning.

But Alf has an inkling of sympathy. He observes that Dick (according to a brief biography on the Beehive website) has “strong connections” with the Korean, Indian and Chinese communities and is president of the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association, and chairman of both the India Trade Group Inc and the Korea/New Zealand Business Council. Or was.

Moreover, he enjoys Bollywood films, Korean classical music and the early works of Sun Tzu.

This suggests he has been heavily steeped – culturally – in things Asian.

The Asian countries Alf has visited, of course, have their own world view of corruption, conflicts of interest, and so on.

Some of this just might have rubbed off on Dick, without his realising it, so let’s have a bit of understanding.

On the other hand, Dick is a lawyer. He was a litigation partner and later chairman for 13 years of New Zealand’s largest law firm, Simpson Grierson, specialising in public law, government process and regulation.

You’d think a bloke with that background could have mustered a stronger defence of himself than he seems to have done.

But how is this stuff being greeted by right-wing bloggers?

BB at Roarprawn has a personal interest in his failure to tell The Boss he was tied up with an Invercargill aviation schoool while he he was in India and touted for a bit of business for them.

Now as much as we often go into bat for Southland , that’s real irksome when BB’s son is an instructor at another aviation school.

On the bottom line, BB approves of The Boss kicking Dick’s bum (along with Nick Smith’s over the plastic bag tax idea).

Bewdy. Go John , there are plenty of MP’s who have the mettle to take on the Ministerial mantle. For once National is spoilt for choice. So we applaud any message to underperforming Ministers that any silliness will not be tolerated.

Whale Oil was no more sympathetic.

John Key has rightly given Richard Worth and Nick Smith a right good kicking in the nuts for being silly w**kers.

Nick and Dick both rhyme with?

Speaking of Dick, with all his “interests” and faux ambassadorships and honorary consulships is Richard really getting prepared for life after being an MP in two years time. You’d have to assume with him maintaining his “interests” that an MP’s salary isn’t really cutting the mustard, either that or his pecuniary interests are measured in cents rather than dollars.

From the left, The Standard notes Dick’s denial that he had been acting as a minister when he went around India promoting flight training provided by a company he had shares in.

But it steers readers to an interview with him in the Indian Express:

“My personal commitment to Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal is that New Zealand will be committed to improve efficiency and productivity of the farmers in the state by providing them technology transfer in agriculture, horticulture and dairy sector,” said Dr Richard Worth, Minister of Crown, New Zealand.”

Oh, so he was interviewed as a Minister.

And then:

“For students who want to study in New Zealand, the Civil Aviation sector has a lot of scope. One can get a Commercial Pilot Licence in our country in only eight months at the cost of 70,000 New Zealand Dollars, around Rs 18 lakh, from Southern Institute of Technology Civil Aviation Limited,” he added.

The Standard hopes Labour doesn’t shy from asking tough questions at Question Time in Parliament today.

Alf hopes they take it easy. We don’t want Dick to have a sullied reputation when he gets around to – remember his ambition? – visiting the Hamilton fire station.

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