Gerry switches on his electricity review

Behind all that huff and puff, Gerry Brownlee is a man of action (although Nick Smith has him licked when it comes to getting rid of lefties).

Our Energy and Resources Minister says a Ministerial review of the electricity sector will start work immediately.

He has released the terms of reference for the review and announced the six independent experts being appointed to a Technical Advisory Group.

“The government has concerns about security of supply, the affordability of electricity, and duplication of electricity sector governance,” said Mr Brownlee.

“There are a number of other reports completed or underway in the electricity sector. The best way to draw the threads together and make timely decisions to build public, industry and investor confidence is to proceed with a Ministerial review,” he said.

You wouldn’t want to be depending on a job at the Electricity Commission for your income.

But it should be a nice little earner for the six experts appointed to the Technical Advisory Group – Brent Layton (who was looking plump and prosperous when Alf last chatted with him), David Russell, Lewis Evans, Stephen Franks, Toby Stevenson, and Miriam Dean.

They will be supported by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The first phase of the review will look at regulatory and governance issues; the second will tackle issues of electricity market performance.

If the review process throws up some obvious ideas for short term improvements, “these will be acted on immediately,” Brownlee said.

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