Turkington is reconfigured

Questions and answers from the ministerial PR department, attached to the announcement of the ACC board “reconfiguration” yesterday, only parly explained what happened to Dr Don Turkington.

Turkington, a professional company director with a PhD in economics, was appointed an ACC director by Labour’s Ruth Dyson in December 2006.

At that time, he had governance roles with eight other organisations.

He was chairman of Walker Capital Management, and had worked as Executive Director of Forsyth Barr, and as Managing Director of Cavill White and of Morgan Grenfell.

He was credited with having expertise in financial services, investment management, and governance experience in commercial, cultural, educational, and community organisations.

Smith’s media release asked the obvious question, apropos yesterday’s blood-letting, and provided the answer.

What happened to Dr Don Turkington, a previous ACC board member?

A: Dr Turkington’s term expired on 11 December last year and he advised the Minister prior to his reconfiguration of the Board that he did not wish to be reconsidered for reappointment.

Today we learn Turkington has a new government job.

He popped up on the list of members of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce, which will provide “independent expert advice” (Alf loves that expression) on the Regulatory Responsibility Bill that was considered by the Parliament’s Commerce Select Committee in 2008.

The aim is to identify and remove red tape, unnecessary bureaucracy, and outdated rules and regulations.

Rodney Hide, Minister for Regulatory Reform, made the announcement:

The chair is Dr Graham Scott, former Secretary of the Treasury. The other members are:

Paul Baines, Company Director

Richard Clarke QC

Jack Hodder, Chairman of the Board, Chapman Tripp

Hon David Caygill, Chair of the Electricity Commission

Dr Bryce Wilkinson, Director of Capital Economics

Dr Don Turkington, Company Director

Mr Hide says the Taskforce members are a high quality team who have a great opportunity to make law-making in New Zealand more transparent and accountable.

“We need better law making and the Regulatory Responsibility Bill is designed to deliver it.”

The taskforce will report back with recommendations by the end of September.

Wonder if a taskforce job pays as well as the ACC job.

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