Brits opt for compulsory fat checks

Looks like the Nanny State in Britain is cranking up its assault on fatties.

Everyone aged between 40 and 74 will be called in to their GP for a ‘fat test’ and prescribed weight management and exercise if they are found to be overweight, under a new Government drive on obesity.

The checks will involve taking height and weight measurements and plotting body mass index .

The NHS Health Checks aim to identify an individual’s risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease with a personal assessment and tailored advice.

The Telegraph describes this as the first systematic programme to measure body weight in adults and GPs will be expected to test 2.25 million people a year.
Each person will be called back on average once every five years for another check.

Is this a load of bollocks?

Alf suspects it is, because in the same article the Telegraph refers to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition which says body mass index does not accurately indicate body fat in different ethnic groups.

Dr Molly Bray, Associate Professor of Paediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital, and author of the study said: “This scale was created years ago and is based on Caucasian men and women.

“It doesn’t take into account differences in body composition between genders, race/ethnicity groups, and across the lifespan.”

Another proposal being pushed by British food nazis is to ban putting unhealthy food at children’s eye height in stores.

It is being rebuffed by food industry representatives.

Andrew Opie, Food Director at the British Retail Consortium said. “Rules about which products should go on which shelves would be seriously misguided. It’s very hard to see how this could work in practice. How high is child’s eye-line anyway? It’s parents who buy children’s food. The idea that making particular foods hard to reach would make any difference is ludicrous.

“There are no bad foods only bad diets. This proposal risks demonising foods which can happily be eaten as part of a balanced diet.”

Tell that to the fanatics in this country who have declared war on some foods and who will be striving to introduce similar policies here.

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