Cullenary thrombosis: a clot in the SOE kitchen

Eketahuna's public dunnies - would you let them be managed by Michael Cullen?

Eketahuna's public dunnies - would you let them be managed by Michael Cullen?

Add Alf Grumble’s name to the growing list of bloggers expressing dismay at the appointment of Michael Cullen to the board of NZ Post.

As soon as the news had been broken by the Trans Tasman newsletter – tipping Cullen to chair NZ Post and KiwiBank when Jim Bolger retires – Ele at Homepaddock was clearly upset.

A loyal National Party member has just phoned to tell me he and others who spent nine years working to get Cullen’s hands off the reins are furious about this and I share their views.

There must be someone better equipped for these roles than the man who overtaxed and over spent for nine long years, leaving our economy far less able to weather the recession than it would have been had his policies been directed at growth rather than redistribution.

Ele dossiered a raft of reactions, including David Farrer’s view at Kiwiblog that this is

a crappy crappy move from the Government and a slap in the face to its thousands of volunteers and supporters.

BB at Roarprawn saw Cullen being handed a poisoned chalice.

Cactus Kate was driven to drink.
Whale Oil expressed disgust

Keeping Stock senses John Key is up to something.

Barnsley Bill wondered why – if Cullen is good enough to be given a highly paid job by the government we elected to remove him – people bothered voting for National in the first place?

Not PC wondered similarly and vows not to vote National again.

From the left, Tumeke sniffs a fiendish National plot to have Judith Tizard brought into Parliament on the list, exposing the paucity of talent in the Labour line-up.

Adam 1922, at The Inquiring Mind, sums up:

Many bloggers are believed to need medical treatment for the effects of the massive shockwave following the explosion set -off by the announcement that Michael Cullen was being appointed to the post of deputy chair of NZ Post.

Medical services, restaurants and bars throughout the country have been run off their feet dealing with the veritable tsunami of distressed bloggers.

For his part, Alf is thunderstruck.

Only a few months ago, on the campaign hustings, he was railing against Labour as a bunch of no-hoper who should have been thrown out of office long ago.

In one speech, dealing with heady economic issues (and unreported by the left-leaning news media), he denounced Michael Cullen as a bloke who was unfit to run anything, including the local public dunnies.

How can Alf front up to supporters now, to explain why a bloke who shouldn’t be put in charge of a dunny is fit to run a major state-owned organisation and its Postbank subsidiary ?

One Response to Cullenary thrombosis: a clot in the SOE kitchen

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Excellent, I do like the picture of the dunnies and no I would not let a history lecturer clean dunnies, it requires a greater degree of application than the well paid doctor may possess

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