Hope their food fads aren’t part of the deal

It’s taken Alf a while to recover from learning the party has struck a working relationship with the Greens. If the House hadn’t been sitting, he would have found himself taking to drink and oysters down at Dockside to absorb the shock.

Indeed, he figured that’s exactly what BB was up to when she broke the news – surely her scoop was the product of a lass whose imagination had been warped by a very early start with the grog.

But there we have it. She was right. Prime Minister John Key and his Ministers are actually looking forward to working with the Green Party on a range of policy initiatives over the remainder of this parliamentary term.

The Boss has signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Green Party and National Party with Green Party co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman.

According to the media statement:

“There are a number of important policy areas where National and the Greens have common ground,” says Mr Key.

“In the case of home insulation, energy efficiency and the regulation of natural health products, joint discussions are already underway.

“I envisage that over coming months National and the Greens will agree to work on further policy areas.”

The agreement is not a confidence and supply arrangement, it should be emphasised. But it is aimed at providing a sound basis for the two parties to work together on important policy issues in a co-operative way, without compromising the independence of either party.

Hope this doesn’t mean munching bloody fruit, celery sticks and nuts, henceforth, at caucus meetings. Or anything cooked by Sue Kedgley.

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