On the potty path to independence

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has had much to say about the antics of Fiji’s Commodore Bainimarama, most recently about his re-appointment as Fiji’s interim Prime Minister. He huffs about it being “a sham” and a giant step backwards for the country.

“The extent to which the Commodore seems prepared to go to entrench himself and the military in power is unsettling.

“Abrogating the constitution, dismissing judges and now introducing emergency measures that curb the media and deny citizens freedom of political expression is a sorry recipe that has been tried by dictators in a number of other countries, always with tragic consequences.”

But Bainimarama’s way of doing things might have caught on in this country.

Checking out who’s being saying what over the past few days at Scoop, Alf stumbled upon a formal invitation to

“the first signing ceremony of the Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008, at my home here at 546 Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa, Aotearoa, on September 30th 2009 – Maori Day Of Redemption – exactly one year following the establishment of MDOI 2008.

It has been addressed to “Dear Hone, Tariana and Pita AND ALL OUR UNITED MAORI TRIBES OF AOTEAROA, including all other interested parties.” Pakeha/foreigners are welcome too.

The press statement has been posted by some crackpot who professes to be the “Maori Governor of the Maori Government Of Aotearoa, and co-founder of Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008.” Readers of the press statement are thanked

for your attention to this celestial, serious and monumental occassion in the history of Maori peoples first migration to Aotearoa 400bc.

The statement advises:

It is therefore my great pleasure to advise you all of my cemented decision and forthright intention to obtain signatures to further validate and legalize the Maori Declaration Of Independence 2008 from all tribes throughout Aotearoa – both recognized and newly formed.

Once completed, Maori will automatically reinstate the same rights we had before foreigner take-over happened to our land and people. Consequently, I/we, now have the right to assert to all foreigners, regardless of their perceived status, that as an indigenous Maori, they now have no jurisdiction over me, my family, my people, my land, or my business.

Consequently, I now have the right to govern our own land and our own people, and live in peace and harmony with our foreign and illegal immigrants/residents, without being subjected to NZ Government’s decisions made in the interests of their own people, that adversely affect the interests of Maori people, our spiritual land and inheritance, and our vastly untapped potential that has been lying trapped beneath layers of foreign engineered oppression for 200 years.

Blah, blah, blah.

If the self-appointed Guv does not receive co-operation from any tribal leader,

I will stand in as representative, and create new tribes and tribal leaders as necessary. Aside from that, I recognize and represent all Maori tribes as one united tribe, as we were when we first found these shores of Aotearoa.

The people who sign on 30th September 2009 however, are the ones whose names will go down as co-founders along with mine and my fathers, unless for good reason, they are unable to attend. I will appreciate any and all assistance that anyone can give me, in bringing about this outcome.

Further on, somewhat curiously, we learn:

In case you’re wondering, I don’t speak Maori very well at all. I am being guided by my loyalty to my father, our forefathers – my spiritual guidance, and my love of logic, intellect and matters of the heart and spirit.

This nonsense is signed by one Chanel Morton-Matene, co-founder, Guardian, Governor Maori Government Of Aotearoa.

Morton-Matene is associated with the official site of “M.O.A. – Maori Government Of Aotearoa – the Moral Government Of Our Land and People.”

When Alf visited that site, he learned:

If you are European, English, or basically on the side of the people who founded the establishment of New Zealand Government and voted in National this year, then this website promises to wound your pride, and dent your ego – severely. On the other hand, if you are Maori, a Maori descendent, and are proud to be so, then this website promises to bring great healing to your life, and is the soothing balm that will give back to you, that which has been stolen from you…, in every sense of the meaning.

There’s a Google Profile of the glory-seeking Chanel, too, for those who want to learn more.

It tells us the Guv grew up in Matawaia – Aotearoa; has lived in Mitimiti, Dargaville, Kaihu, Epsom, Ellerslie, Manurewa, Whangarei, Manukau; went to school at Matihetihe, Donnellys Crossing, Dargaville High School.

It’s not so helpful about working-career details because

I do not endorse the companies I’ve worked for as I have a strong aversion to companies who put profits before people

The Guv has other names – among them, Nellie Morton

“Buffoon” would be a better fit, although if ever we learn that a Chanel Morton-Matene, or Nellie Morton, has become chief of our army, we should become more than a tad nervous.

Unless – of course – Chanel aka Nellie is simply someone with a huge sense of humour and a great capacity for taking the piss.

2 Responses to On the potty path to independence

  1. Sandy says:

    This person is clearly schizophrenic or unwell – bipolar – a good reading of her work shows. It is sad to see some inspired stuff, such as advice to prisoners to aspire to their greatest self, setting aside barriers to success, of shame carried from past acts, among her grandiose delusions – eg her psychic ability will be proven once she has won lotto 7x after the person in Canada required to trigger her powers (who won’t like many answer her calls) returns. She also has a great net based business tv sale eyes set up, which is like trade me but lets businesses list any sales and promotions by area. It would be a pity to see this inspired idea derailed by the publicity she is insightlessly garnering for her mental illness. A well meaning but misguided aspiring politico – perhaps as mad as the standard fare so qualified.

  2. Thank you for your opinions, yes, it’s been really tough dealing with the anti-Maori climate in this country, not to mention the huge prejudice against people with ailments. I am not mad, I was just confused for a time. It has been difficult dealing with the racist, prejudiced and extremely biased views of people who couldn’t care less about the fact that I was being harrassed by social services on account of the fact that I was trying to expose the crimes in my family, while they were trying to cover it up by calling me mad as the previous opinion on this page has stated. Those crimes include multiple rape, murder, incest and more. Yes, it is Chanel Matene here, aka Nellie Morton. I am the mother of my daughter Charlize Morton who was taken from me by what is in no uncertain terms, a racist, prejudiced, and biased New Zealand Government and so called justice system whose gangs of unprincipled sedition, deem deceipt, as the means by which to win. Many natives of other countries gained independence from foreign control, particularly where Nazi style tactics are used. Because my daughter was taken from me, for no valid reason, without hard evidence, merely because I am ‘thought of’ as a criminal – which I am not, I now see the gaining of M.a.o.r.i. Independence as my calling. There are patterns of legalized abuses in this country that need intervention. People are committing suicide because of it. Parents are hurting their children because of it. Judges are dealing death as a result of it. Mental Health, Police, Barnardo’s, a so-called Justice System and Child Youth and Family are among the worst offenders. Check out http://www.globalmaori.info for perspective. This site is a work in progress. Please keep checking back.

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