Get out there and give the Green buggers L

It looks like first-time political aspirant Jackson James Wood has much to learn.

He has admitted to “a dramatic setback in his campaign” (to win the Mt Albert by-election) with the firing of several key staff members.

Wood’s entire press team have been given notice following the disgraceful misspelling of the name of fellow candidate Russel Norman in a press release dated 24th April.

Commenting on the changes, Wood said “I try not to look at this as a setback – rather an opportunity. My campaign has in fact been able to save costs by outsourcing further release writing abroad, starting as of the following paragraph”.

Wood very happy with change and new workers are do good job. Wood have nice smile. Wood plans of win most excellent.

Some friendly advice from Alf.

Bring back your press team.

Sure, in a media statement they spelled the Green Party co-leader “Russell” (as any red-blooded New Zealander would do).

“Russel” is the name a mother would give to her son only if she hoped he would grow up to become a muesli-munching sad-sack.

Think of it this way: your media team (and you) have given the Greenie bugger “L”, which is exactly what robust election campaigning is all about.

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