Quest for a hot woman should leave us cold

The dumbing down of newspaper readers was dropped to a new low level today with Fairfax’s BusinessDay inviting readers to answer:

Who is NZ’s hottest businesswoman?

This begs clarification: by what measure? Alf’s measure of hot women typically involves his testing their prowess in the bedroom, not the boardroom. Or rather, it did before his marriage to Mrs Grumble some 40 years ago.

Much more fundamentally, Alf is flabbergasted that the Fairfax clowns have the gall to contend:

Here at BusinessDay we take business very seriously.

They immediately give the lie to this:

But as the recession rolls on and with unemployment tipped to top 120,000 this week, we feel there’s room for a little fun as well.

So to that end we’ve put together a couple of polls this week, along more frivolous lines than normal, designed to provide a breather from the continuous flow of recession dominated news.

With the help of business journalists across Fairfax Media, we’ve complied candidates for the titles of New Zealand’s most attractive businesswoman and most handsome businessman.

Today we’re running a poll seeking your votes on the country’s hottest businesswoman. We’ll follow up tomorrow with the search for the hunkiest businessman.

Yes, Alf is only too aware of the recessionary bite. It is chewing up jobs and it is corroding people’s investments.

That’s precisely why he doesn’t give a toss about who is the hottest or the hunkiest. He wants to know which of the buggers will turn $1000 of his savings into $1100 – or more – over the next year. And he wants to know which ones will shrunk his investment to $900, or less, so he can steer well clear of them and their companies.

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