This UN outfit is a joke

You’ve got to wonder about the bloody Maori Party when it gets excited about a report on human rights from the UN Human Rights Council.

Alf makes that observation after:

The co-leaders of the Maori Party have welcomed the report of the United Nations Human Rights Council which has recommended our government better protect Maori rights.

The report was published in Geneva last night in response to a report from a delegation from New Zealand led by Justice Minister Simon Power.

Pita Sharples hopes people will read the full report from the council and congratulates our government “on the frankness of the report Minister Power gave to the UN council.”

He is happy to say that Maori people were consulted, and the Maori Party had input into that report.

Co-leader Tariana Turia says she supports the report

and says people should not be surprised by the UN council’s decisions, which would improve our government’s performance in international eyes.

Alf is gob-smacked by that remark.

Does she seriously think our human rights record is the stuff of international concern, when massacres, brutality, torture, rape and poverty are instruments of chronic state repression in a raft of countries – Somalia, the Congo and Kenya, for example?

Just take a look at the council’s composition, if you want to find some countries with real human rights issues to invite condemnation.

Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia

Its president is bloke from Nigeria.

Here’s one view of the human rights record in that country:

The populace have no known defence against police brutality. Police kill innocent citizens and put tags of armed robbers to cover themselves. Innocent Nigerians have paid the price for crimes they never committed. The Nigerian judiciary to date has not been a reliable defender of the people. So, how does one survive police brutality? Is it to run, duck or jump? To date, no method has been proven effective in Nigeria. It even got so bad that the police force in rejecting one of their own demonstrated its primordial brutality and dangerous lack of discipline and proper orientation. I am referring to the treatment meted out to former Inspector General Tafa Balogun. The most pertinent question remains; where then shall we run to? What then shall we do to escape the brutality of a sovereign force behaving like an occupying force? What could be done to transform the Nigeria Police Force?

Alf is pleased the Maori Party is pleased. It’s great to have them in good cheer.

But the UN Human Rights Commission is a joke.

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