Medical advice on crabs is balls

Doctors who reckon you couldn’t possibly have caught your crabs off a dunny seat will have to revise their thinking.

Yes you can.

A Sydney restaurant with a dead rodent in its storage area and a fish market that stored crabs in a toilet cubicle are new additions to the NSW government’s name and shame list.

Choy Restaurant in Belmore Road, Randwick, in Sydney’s east, has been slapped with three fines worth $1,980 for having a dead rodent in the storage area, as well as vermin activity and unclean premises.

Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said Jemes Fish Market on Liverpool Road in Ashfield, in the city’s inner west, was hit with two fines of $660 for storing live crabs in a toilet cubicle.

“This is one of the most outrageous cases of food storage I have ever heard about, it is unhygienic and is just not fair on consumers who pay good money for their food,” Mr Macdonald said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The past 12 months has seen a number of disturbing breaches on the name and shame list, including cockroaches, rats, a bandaid, a cigarette butt and now this case.

That’s exactly why the NSW Government introduced the website along with major new food safety laws last year – it reckons the public has a right to know the information which this website provides.

Fined eateries appear on the website for 12 months. From this week the names that were first posted will start to come off the list.

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