The kid who’s pining to make a million

Alf’s just a tad miffed.

He has only just learned about students from primary and intermediate schools around the country taking a trip to the capital and (according to the Taranaki Daily News) getting “a sweet dose of motivation.”

They were part of an 1100-strong contingent from 93 schools who converged on Wellington’s town hall on Tuesday for the 2009 National Young Leaders’ Day.

Once there they heard from high-profile New Zealanders such as Barbara Kendall and the two Aussie kayakers James Castrission and Justin Jones, who paddled across the ditch last year.

That’s why Alf is miffed – surely he should have been among those asked to come along and pass on all he knows about motivation to the little buggers.

One of them maybe needs a lesson in mathematics, too.

Cameron Morris, 10, wants to make a million dollars.

Even before listening to boardsailer and ballroom dancer Barbara Kendall’s motivational speech, he knew what was involved in making sure he got it.

“I have pine trees that I’ve planted and I’m going to grow those into Christmas trees and sell them for $20.
Then I’ll get a rental property, motels and hotels.

“I’ll never give up,” he said determinedly.


But Alf wonders if he appreciates how many trees he must sell – let’s say – to buy a motel.

The Aubyn Court Motor Lodge is for sale in Palmerston North. Price: $1,400,000.

That’s 70,000 Christmas trees, which looks suspiciously like the kid must sell more than one tree to every house in New Plymouth.

More modestly, and closer to home, there’s the Opunake Surf Inn. Its his for $890,000 + SAV

Just 44,500 trees.

Mind you, these numbers don’t take into account the prospect that the kid could sell fewer trees than that and borrow the rest.

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