By-election shenanigans

The Labour rabble are up to their tricks in Mt Albert – or so it has been alleged – and Alf applauds John Boscowen, who has lodged a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer.

This follows a report that a Labour Party volunteer coerced a voter to vote early in the Mt Albert by-election.

Radio NZ reports:

ACT Party candidate John Boscawen says he filed the complaint following a report a Labour supporter told a Chinese immigrant it was illegal not to vote in New Zealand.

The man reportedly told the Labour volunteer he did not want to vote until the by-election.

The volunteer is said to have told the man it was safer to vote now as missing voting on polling day was against the law.

It’s illegal not to be enrolled in this country.

But we have the right to vote – or not to vote.

According to TVNZ, Boscowen says –

Mt Albert has a large immigrant community and those who don’t fully understand our electoral system and who are not well versed in English could be misled.

Boscowen says people’s choices may be affected if they are coerced into an early vote because they won’t have heard all the issues.

The Labour Party is denying the claims. Campaign spokesman Connor Roberts says Labour, like other parties, provides a transport service to help get voters to polling booths.

He says all volunteers are fully briefed on electoral rules and procedures.

Labour candidate David Shearer’s pathetic rejoinder, however, is that the incident was a misunderstanding.

Yeah. The Chinese gentleman finished up with the misunderstanding that voting was mandatory and he’d be smart to cast his vote pronto.

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