How to keep a Dick from freezing

Alf wryly observes that the ODT had no problems finding a Dick to talk about a motor-bike rally this weekend.

Large groups of motorcyclists – the paper said – would be donning warm jackets and riding to Central Otago for the 29th annual Otago Motorcycle Club Brass Monkey Rally at Oturehua.

Local property owner Ken Gillespie said registration numbers were on a par with previous years and a crowd of between 1800 and 2200 was expected, depending on weather.

But the weekend forecast was “not flash”, with a possibility of snow.

Of course, it’s typically cold in those parts at this time of year.

But steps can be taken to minimise the chill.

Wanaka Motorcycle Club member Mark Dick does not want the predicted snow to cast a chill over a first big outing on his “brand new” Honda CB1000R Predator to the Brass Monkey Rally on Saturday, so he opted for a heating upgrade. Fellow club member and Wanaka electrician Brendon Voyce installed an adjustable handgrip warming system yesterday

The Otago Motorcycle Club organises the rally, with help from local organisations, including the Oturehua Winter Sports Club, which supplies food for the event.

Alf will be giving it a miss. He will celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday at his favourite haunt in Eketahuna.

2 Responses to How to keep a Dick from freezing

  1. sonia says:

    Knowing the particular Dick you are talking about Alf, perhaps he is not so worried about size in the cold like you might be!! The Dick in question is also famous for his Bushfires so pick on another less famous dick next time eh

  2. Alf Grumble says:

    Dunno how or why “size” has been brought into the story. Something to do with the handgrip, maybe.

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