Further work for lawyers in the Bain case aftermath

Alf notes that steps are under way to keep the legal fraternity further engaged in the Bain murder case and the inevitable consequences. Bain family members who benefited from the estate have sought legal advice.

Proceeds from the estate were distributed to David Bain’s uncles and aunts (his father’s two brothers and a sister and his mother’s three sisters) when David was disqualified from inheriting by his murder convictions in 1995.

The not guilty verdict at the retrial puts a cloud over his disinheritance and raises the question of David’s entitlement to the family fortune.

Michael Bain, David Bain’s uncle, said yesterday the family was considering its position in light of a possible claim against the former estate of Robin and Margaret Bain, who were shot on June 20, 1994, in Dunedin, along with their children Arawa, 19, Laniet, 18, and Stephen, 14. The estate has been wound up.

Michael Bain, Robin’s brother, said from Wellington yesterday that the former trustees, of whom he was one, were receiving legal advice.

Other family members have a “pact of silence” against the media and declined to comment yesterday.

The exact amount cannot be published because of suppression orders but, with interest over 15 years, the amount would be well over $600,000. In 1994 it was enough to build a substantial house.”

As the Stuff report points out, if Bain’s relatives decide not to repay the money, he will have to mount a legal challenge, and if defended this could result in the murder charges being relitigated.

Alf trusts all this legal how’s-your-father does not make further demands on legal aid – the bill for taxpayers so far runs into the millions.

Without pursuing the inheritance issue, further business is being whipped up for lawyers by the not guilty verdict and its aftermath.

The Dunedin coroner will decide this week whether to hold an inquiry to ensure the death records have the correct information.

And Bain’s legal team will have to decide whether to apply to the Cabinet for compensation.

In short – more bills are likely for taxpayers.

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