Half-baked solution to an unidentified problem

Dunno which bunch of scaremongers pisses off Alf the more: the Health Ministry mob who are gunning against obesity, or the Food Safety Authority when it warns against the dangers of spoon-licking after baking.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority warned in this month’s edition of its Foodfocus newsletter that licking the spoon or mixing bowl had a “nasty bite”.

“It may be a traditional treat to lick the bowl and spoon when baking, but the New Zealand Food Safety Authority is advising against it after an outbreak of salmonellosis was linked to some brands of flour.”

A salmonella outbreak last year led to about 50 people falling ill. Investigations traced the outbreak to a batch of flour, and a number of children falling ill after baking.

So what is the magnitude of the mischief being addressed with this advice?

The authority referred the Herald on Sunday to the Ministry of Health for figures on salmonella poisoning related to licking the spoon or mixing bowl. The ministry says there are no recorded cases, and that the figures do not exist.

’Nuff said.

When the high-handed buggers can produce evidence to show there’s a problem, Alf might endorse the solutions they recommend. But not before.

6 Responses to Half-baked solution to an unidentified problem

  1. pmofnz says:

    Baking bowls must be licked. Part of being a good cokk and all that.

    I can remember learning to cook thru bowl licking. Whoever did the pudding in our house got to lick the bowl. Consequently sisters regularly got beaten up by their brothers round dinnertime.

  2. pmofnz says:

    Oops! … good cook and …

  3. Alf Grumble says:

    Admirable. It would have been great conditioning for your sisters, helping to prepare them for their future roles in life.

  4. Pique Oil says:

    Alf, if I might make a suggestion, do not differentiate in who pisses you off more. all the weasel word spewing apologists are equally deserving of contempt.
    As for the FSA fools not being able to produce the evidence, that is the whole point of their ideology. It has nothing to do with safety or food, the last word is the key to it.
    They are in Authority and you vill do vat ve say.
    I would appreciate your raising this around the Caucus Table. Nothing short of a put up or F off will be acceptable from every creature in the FSA who touched this. The sacmpering to cover bum should keep them busy for a couple of years writing reports, consulting etc. and we humans can carry on without their interference.

  5. Alf Grumble says:

    Not only will it be raised at the next caucus meeting (here’s hoping they don’t spend too much time analysing what went wrong in Mt Albert). It will be taken up with Kate Wilkinson, the Minister, who is bound to have licked spoons in her childhood and – as we all can see – survived what the food safety clowns are saying was a dangerous practice.

  6. abc says:

    It’s mind boggling to realise that these people think poisoned flour is not the problem, but licking the spoon is!

    Rat poison could be sold in flour form for cookies. Perfectly safe and far cheaper than wheat flour. Just don’t let those murderous mothers feed it to their children.

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