A right royal lesson in coping with recession

Alf – a great admirer of royalty and the royals – today salutes his Queen for setting an example on how to lower the household bills in tough times.

In The Herald today, he found this inspiring news from the Observer.

As a 14-year-old, she picked up a spade and joined the rest of wartime Britain in the Dig for Victory campaign. Seven decades later, though no longer wielding the spade herself, the Queen, now 83, has again embraced the “grow your own” movement.

For the first time since the war, fruit and vegetables are to be found in an allotment-sized plot in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

The yield will not be sufficient to wholly sustain the British royal family and palace staff, and a 16ha back garden negates the inconvenience of allotment waiting list times of up to 40 years in some London boroughs.

But from now on token quantities of fresh tomatoes, beans, onions, leeks, carrots and other homegrown produce will be transported to the palace kitchen.

The first harvest – a selection of Cambridge Favourite strawberries – was served to the Queen and Prince Philip, on his 88th birthday last week.

Mind you, the new bunch in the White House got there first.

US President Barack Obama put his wife in charge of a White House herb and vege patch, but the Queen’s plans are said to have been devised much earlier.

Anyway, growing your own veggies is to be expected from a left-leaning leader. But not from our monarch.

The greenies should be pleased, too. Chemicals have been banned.

Dunno if they are doing this sort of thing at Government House or Premier House. If they aren’t, they bloody well should.

Alf will certainly be setting an example for constituents at his home in Eketahuna – he has already asked Mrs Grumble to get cracking with the scythe and whack back the uncut grass. Then she will be digging a patch of ground for some vegetables (but no bloody parsnips, thanks).

5 Responses to A right royal lesson in coping with recession

  1. Lewis Holden says:

    It’s not really that surprising, given the Crown Estate includes an awful lot of prime English farmland. And the fact Prince Charles is a organic farmer (and markets his produce under the label “Duchy Originals”. Oh, and HRH is also the largest recipient of EU agricultural subsidies in the UK… so our future head of State also happens to pocket the very subsidies that directly hurt our diary farmers.

  2. Lewis Holden says:

    Opps – correction, that should be “one of” the biggest recipients. The largest is the Duke of Westminster.

  3. abc says:

    I could hardly wait to read the gems of knowledge from The Herald’s recession tips today. One of their experts was a self confessed Jib Stopper. I love sailing, but have never heard of one of those. Does he stop the jib going over the side in high winds?

  4. adam2314 says:

    What is a good roast nosh without parsnips !!.

  5. Alf Grumble says:

    The short answer, friend Adam, is that without roast parsnips, a good roast nosh is transformed into a much better roast nosh. But that’s purely a matter of personal preference. If you were to drop by for roast dinner, and if you said you dearly loved parsnips, Mrs Grumble would duck out and buy them. She would toss them in with the other vegs, and you would be served them with the rest of the main course. Never let it be said the Grumbles impose food bans like them Labour buggers did (and will again if we ever let them back in office).

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