This ain’t the way to get a girl to take a bath

Here’s hoping the anti-smacking brigade doesn’t cite an NZPA court report from South Canterbury in support of their cause. The bloke in the dock obviously went far beyond a simple smack to try to discipline a girl who wouldn’t take a bath when obviously she needed one.

The bloke has been convicted of ill treating a child after he “strung up” the 11-year-old girl when she refused to have a bath.

Stringing up the girl would have been ill treatment under the law before it was changed to discourage smacking.

Mind you, Alf wonders how the no-smackers would have handled the situation when the kid refused to take a bath after spending a day shovelling pig shit.

As the NZ Herald tells it –

Christopher William Hunt, 48, of Waimate in South Canterbury, was found guilty of ill-treating the child in the Timaru District Court.

The court was told that in January the victim, who was not Hunt’s child, had been spreading pig manure over paddocks throughout the day so Hunt told her to have a bath, the Timaru Herald reported.

After she refused, Hunt grabbed her by the arm, tied a rope around her hands and pulled her arms up above her head until she was suspended above the decking for at least a minute.

Hunt might not be all that bright, because he did this in front of witnesses.

As a consequence –

After the incident another child told the girl’s mother what had happened.

The mother immediately collected the children and contacted police.

Hunt said they “were just playing around”.

But Judge Michael Crosbie said it was not a case of disciplining a child.

He said the offence which involved a child being “strung up and suspended” was one of cruelty.

Hunt has been convicted and remanded in custody to August 4 for a probation report and sentence.

Dunno whether the girl ever had her bath.

Alf agrees with the judge that stringing up and suspending her was going a bit far in the discipline department.

His own inclination – if smacking must be eschewed – would have been to turn a hose on the child. Pig shit can be smelly stuff, and if she refused to have a bath (obviously she wasn’t going out with friends that night), she needed hosing down. Otherwise she wasn’t fit to be let inside the house.

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