Another apology, this time for the Tongans

Sure enough, and just as Alf foretold, Act MP David Garrett has apologised to the Tongan community “for suggesting lewd comments he made to a woman were acceptable in the Pacific nation but not in New Zealand.”

Obviously the Tongan Law Society is as thin-skinned as all the others involved in this silly affair, and was considering taking disciplinary action against Garrett, who operates a law firm in Tonga.

The society has accepted a written apology.

Act leader Rodney Hide has condemned Garrett’s behaviour. He says the matter has now been dealt with and no further action will be taken.

The rookie MP had already been reprimanded by Hide for making the remarks and apologised to an Act staff member.

But as NZPA reports, and as Alf observed at the time, he invited more trouble when explaining himself on TV One’s Q&A programme on Sunday.

“I now understand very clearly that the kind of thing that might have been okay in a law firm in Tonga is not okay in Parliament,” he said.

The Tongan Law Society, with not much else to get excited about, presumably, was incensed by the remark.

Hence the latest apology.

That silly bugger Worth is a lawyer, too, come to think of it. Does a proneness to crass behaviour come with the law degree?

One Response to Another apology, this time for the Tongans

  1. Alex Masterley says:

    No. It’s an acquired skill.

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