So who’s been slipping sledgehammers into our jails?

Alf is heartened to see Prisons boss Barry Matthews earning his keep. Matthews has been pulling out all the stops to persuade the sceptics that shipping containers are a great idea to overcome the problem of burgeoning prisoner numbers.

There’s a picture of him in the Dom-Post today, showing what conditions in one of these cells would be.

It’s a Chinese-made prototype housing four cells and it was shown off to the media at Rimutaka Prison yesterday.

Shuttered and barred windows have been cut into corrugated sides, metal bunks installed and a partition separates the toilet and basin from the rest of the cell.

Actually, it looks a bit too comfortable for Alf’s liking. Maybe we could cut down on the fancy stuff like windows.

But here’s the thing that’s a bigger worry.

Corrections boss Barry Matthews has defended shipping container prison cells, saying they are warm, roomy and prisoners “couldn’t get out of them with a sledgehammer”.


Alf will be demanding an assurance that you couldn’t break out of any of our prison cells with a sledgehammer, because great care is taken to ensure they are not smuggled into them in the first place.

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