Unionist gripes about fast-foods jobs scheme

It didn’t take long for the sad-sack socialist nit-pickers to complain after Social Development Minister Paula Bennett announced the agreement between WINZ and McDonalds that will provide up to 7000 unemployed workers for the fast-food chain’s growth plans over the next five years.

The Maritime Union is accusing the Government of acting as a compulsory recruitment agency for McDonalds.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the scheme has two beneficiaries – a Government with a failing jobs policy, and a global corporation that will suck profits out of New Zealand.

He says the scheme is condemning working class young people to a dead end future.

“The fact is that for most people, working in these jobs is not a career path, it is a low-wage, casualized trap.”

He says he is interested how many children of National Party MP’s are being sent off to develop their careers as burger makers.

Mr Hanson says that claims that such “McJobs” will provide a career path are similar to the burgers.
“They always look good in the ads but when you eat them they never live up to the promises.”

No, that’s not the end of his diatribe. Hanson goes on to say thousands of skilled jobs in manufacturing are being “demolished” (he makes no mention of the global recession) and freezes in funding for polytech places will keep young people out of training (he makes no mention of the need to curb government spending to keep the public debt under control).

Then we get to the nub of his rant. It looks suspiciously as if he is wanting to be able to recruit more union members, presumably to keep himself in a job, and the WINZ deal will be steering people elsewhere.

He says young New Zealanders should have the opportunity to work in areas like the maritime industry or the fishing industry for decent wages.

“Yet what we see is underpaid and often exploited overseas crews working in New Zealand waters while local people are shovelled towards the dole or the chip fryer.”

Flipping burgers will at least give beneficiaries the prospect of getting a job and earning an income. It seems Hanson would prefer they remain on the dole if jobs can’t be created in industries where he can recruit new members.

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