He should take his wails to Wales

Alf is bemused by aspects of the month-long civil disobedience campaign plotted by a stroppy bunch of Maori sovereignty campaigners.

The campaign – it seems – will be led by an uncle of MP Hone Harawira, a bloke called Tass Davis.

Mr Davis, a 75-year-old former Auckland police constable, said he expected between 300 and 400 Maori would be involved in the non-violent campaign.

“Successive governments conspired to rob Maori of their birthright, leaving many feeling disconnected, poverty-stricken and disadvantaged,” he said.

Robbed of his birthright? A bloke with the surname “Davis”?

What bollocks is this all about?

Alf would have thought Tass should take his birthright wailing to Wales.

And if Tass has no link with the Welsh, then they should be complaining about him for misappropriating and misusing a proud Welsh surname.

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