Heads roll to make ministry more effective

Hmm. Wonder how many sackings it would take for the Ministry of Social Department to gain optimum effectiveness.

The question is raised after the ranks of the ministry’s 9500 employees (including the Child, Youth and Family service) were pruned today.

According to Stuff –

Child, Youth and Family head Ray Smith said it was closing 12 administration service centres, and cutting a team of 18 child abuse education social workers, with a total of 80 jobs to go.

However, 12 new social worker positions to support foster families had been created and also new centralised administration roles.

The child abuse team education had been cut, because it carried out a role he wanted a wider range of CYF staff to be able to carry out, Mr Smith said.

He wanted staff to lead a much more responsive public education strategy, which helped people to learn how to deal with difficult situations.

Overall CYF wanted to put a stronger focus on its frontline people while it got some efficiency gains, Mr Smith said.

A more recent Radio NZ bulletin – at 2pm – confirmed that the Ministry of Social Development was cutting about 200 jobs.

Chief executive Peter Hughes says the job cuts mainly affect personnel working in management and administration roles. They include the axing of 80 positions at Child Youth & Family.

He says the cuts are needed to make the ministry run more effectively as its services are being placed under increasing pressure as a result of the recession.

Mr Hughes says the cuts will allow the ministry to recruit more people into front line rolls. The ministry has almost 10,000 employees.

So there we have it. Two hundred heads roll, and somehow the ministry will become more effective.

The magic of a staff thinning.

So why not lop 400 heads to make the ministry twice as effective?

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