Next time just let him get on with it

There’s lots of clucking this morning about the state of security systems in our courts, after a bloke facing prison on child pornography charges smuggled a knife into court and stabbed himself.

The man had walked past metal detectors at Wellington District Court, which were not turned on, with a knife tucked in his sock.

He was leaving court, with a police officer beside him and just metres from the judge and court staff, when he pulled out the weapon and stabbed himself in the throat.

The man had previously tried to harm himself and was under surveillance in the courtroom, the Justice Ministry confirmed last night.

He stabbed himself moments after being told he would be jailed for six months for viewing child pornography.

The bloke was whisked off to Wellington Hospital for surgery.

So what happens?

We are all in a tizz about court security.

Courts Minister Georgina te Heuheu said the incident could result in the fast-tracking of increased court security measures. “The date for rollout is September in view of today’s incident there may be an opportunity to bring that forward.”

In May, the Government said it would spend $9m on operations and $800,000 on equipment in the next four years after judges expressed concern about court safety.

Alf is more curious to learn that –

The man’s lawyer, John Miller, credited police with saving his client’s life.

But to what purpose?

To ensure the sad bastard serves his six months?

Alf’s inclination is to free up one prison bed by letting him do what he desperately has tried to do, which is remove himself from our society.

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