And a big oink, oink to SAFE

A blow has been struck for honest, hard-working pig farmers after the hysteria aroused by animal welfare nutters.

Radio NZ reports –

An investigation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has cleared a Levin piggery of any breaches of the current Code of Welfare for Pigs.

The pig farm was at the centre of a report by Television New Zealand’s Sunday programme which alleged widespread cruelty against animals.

But the MAF inquiry does not support this and the piggery in question has been cleared.

The Code of Welfare for Pigs is currently under review.

Back in May, an outfit calling itself SAFE was howling “Legal Pig Cruelty Sickens Nation” and calling for whistleblowers to ‘dob in’ pig abusers

National animal advocacy organisation SAFE said today it has no confidence in New Zealand’s animal welfare legislation process when it fails to consider science and humane principles and totally ignores the collective opinion of the New Zealand public.

“Almost every New Zealander who has viewed the disturbing footage of these pathetic incarcerated pigs condemns this as pig cruelty. There are ample scientific reports that support this view.

“That is why the UK and Sweden have banned sow stalls. What the hell kind of conditions do pigs have to live in before a pig farmer breaks the law in this country? As of today, we may find out,” says SAFE campaign director, Hans Kriek.

SAFE claimed it had already received sensitive information about other pig farms since the exposé on the Sunday programme.

It wanted more information identifying pig farms “where there is extreme animal cruelty or neglect that is likely to result in MAF taking legal action once a complaint is made.”

Since the Minister of Agriculture and the New Zealand Pork Industry Board have publicly admitted being completely unaware of industry practices we are appealing to those on the ground who actually know what’s going on.”

The commercial damage done by these mischief-makers is considerable.

As TVNZ said –

The fallout from the crate pig farming operation at a Horowhenua pig farm is now hitting New Zealand’s supermarkets and pork producers.

The question many consumers are asking is “where did the pork and bacon they’re buying come from?”

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has already conducted investigations at the pig farm which was at the centre of the controversy after TVNZ’s Sunday programme broadcast images of pigs kept in sow stalls.

Consumers say they want to know now if the bacon and other pork products they are buying did not involve the torture of the beasts before being slaughtered for their meat.

Unlike eggs, where it’s clearly mentioned where they are from and if they are organic or not, it is different with pork products.

Mind you, the TVNZ mob rather lost the plot about animal welfare and tripped inot the domain of country of origin labelling.

On one bacon packet ONE News found at a supermarket, it says it’s 100% New Zealand Pork, but also mentions local and imported, which consumers say is confusing. In fact, almost all the packets on display mentioned the same thing.

But pig producers, anticipating the backlash from consumers, are making it clear they do not make their products from pigs farmed in sow stalls.

Hellers, which make 90 million slices of bacon a year, say the large majority of their pigs aren’t caged.
Another bacon producer is already taking action to ensure his products are guilt free.

John Kippenberger of Premier Bacon says that over the next 30 days he will be “going around those farms again and enforcing our messages.”

Alf didn’t get too excited about SAFE’s stunt and has enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast in spite of the fuss the Sunday programme aroused.

Now that the piggery has been found to have breached no laws, he reckons we should be tossing the pig-headed SAFE campaigners into the stocks.

Then we will invite pork-loving members of the public to biff pig-shit at the buggers.

3 Responses to And a big oink, oink to SAFE

  1. bustedblonde says:

    thye arent sa on lambton Quay with BB around …

  2. bustedblonde says:

    oops rusty after blogless holiday that should have read
    They are not SAFE down lambton quay with BB around

  3. grumpy chook says:

    Not a particularly funny or original response from an obviously insensitive boor.

    But for those of us who actually wish to debate the issue you may like to think about why the fact that MAF gave the all clear to the pig farmer vindicates them. All it does is prove, what SAFE have been saying for years, that the law is not fulfilling its own objectives, which is to prevent ill treatment of animals. Now I know that pig farmers and their tame vets are saying that sow stalls and farrowing crates are better for welfare as well as – coincidentally – being the best way to extract as much profit as possible from animal abuse, but scientists with no vested interest in the status quo have been saying the opposite for a long time.

    The pig farmers lobby are also saying that activists stirred up pigs before Open Rescue and Mike King arrived. There is no evidence for this preposterous claim, which is about as plausible as the Minister of Agriculture’s claim that he knew nothing about sow crates in spite of having been briefed about the issue in 2005.

    It brings to mind George Bernard Shaw’s dictum that anyone who does not hesitate to abuse animals will certainly not hesitate to lie about it.

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