Kaikohe squatters should be sat on – heavily

Dunno what’s going on in Kaikohe, in the law and order department, but it’s taking a bloody long time for a few firebrands to be thrown out of the building they are occupying.

The businessman who owns the building complains he has been locked out of his own building by squatters and says it is absurd the police cannot evict them.

They can evict them, of course. But they need a court order, and the order is a long time coming.

Radio NZ reported today –

Glenn Hannah has been unable to start renovations on a warehouse he bought in the town two months ago, because a group claiming Maori sovereignty rights won’t let him in.

He says police have asked him to get a court order supporting his rights to vacant possession before they will act.

In the meantime, Mr Hannah says the group has damaged the building, and have been making money out it by holding a cabaret night and charging entrance.

Mr Hannah says he hopes to have the court order he needs next week.

In a previous report, Radio NZ noted that the squatters are claiming Maori sovereignty (whatever that bloody well might be).

Glenn Hannah says he bought the large store in a mortgagee sale, knowing it was occupied by a group calling itself the Tai Tokerau embassy.

He says the squatters include the widow of the former owner of the property.

Mr Hannah says he’s tried to reason with them, but they won’t let him into the building to start

He says there are many empty shops in Kaikohe but he sees a good future for the town and has potential tenants for the building.

He says he has applied to the court for an order that will allow police to evict the squatters.

But that was back on 30 June.

It seems the authorities are going softly softly on this bunch of poseurs, just as they pussy-footed with immigration scammer Gerrard Otimi, the leader of a self-styled Maori sovereignty group who charged $500 for stamps in “passports”.

Otimi made no secret of the fact that 50 families had each paid him $500 for the documents – and in return he gave them $500 of “Maori barter currency” to cancel out the fee.

He also insisted he wasn’t ripping anyone off.

Police sat back for days, saying no-one had come forward with complaints.

It was a bad show, just as what’s happening in Kaikohe is a bad show.

A Tai Tokerau embassy?

Bollocks. The building’s been turned into a bloody theatre specialising in farce, and the buggers inside are mocking authority.

One Response to Kaikohe squatters should be sat on – heavily

  1. chateaux says:

    I find this statement interesting in this context:
    “and the buggers inside are mocking authority”

    What is authority and how do you gain it?

    Did you know Authority is gained through your consent. Just because you live in a particular part of the world does not mean you automatically have to submit to the fraudsters posing as “the authority”.

    It is all written in the words used by “the law” and when you look up the words – it all makes sense.

    Statute = Legislated RULE of Society…
    Society = Group of people who come together to deliberate, determine for a common interest or goal, under mutual consent.

    Failing ‘mutual consent’, you do not belong to the ‘society’ thus the statute (which you mistakenly call ‘the law’) does not apply.

    What these guys are doing, while unorthodox, is standing up and claiming their ‘rights’. AND YES – they do have more rights than you can possibly imagine.

    BEar in mind, when you submit to ‘authority’ you are handing in your ‘rights’ and replacing them with ‘privileges’. Was this disclosed to you when you applied (begged pleaded) for government documentation?

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