Grounding the Greens

Alf alerts the Greens this morning to the splendid example being set by a young environmentalist based in England, who says he will never visit his parents in Taranaki again after making a no-flying pledge.

Once Michael Furey, 21, returns today to the United Kingdom he will fly no more.

It’s his personal commitment to reducing greenhouse gases which cause climate change.

And he’s on a mission to spread the word to people resistant to change.

“Once I say I’m not going to fly, it’s not an option any more,” the geography undergraduate from the University of Birmingham said.

Alf reckons this example should be followed by all the Green Party MPs, who are forever banging on about the need to reduce greenhouse gases much more than makes economic – let alone political – sense.

Michael Furey travelled by plane to Brisbane last month to attend an international Universitas 21 forum on climate change.

For two weeks, from July 12 to 24, the gathering of 120 students and lecturers, from 14 universities across the globe, discussed climate change .

“Climate change has a much greater severity than any other crisis we may face. And the lifestyle we lead is having an impact.

“I personally think we all have a responsibility to others to do something about it, ” Mr Furey said.

Alf trusts the Green MPs agree and sign similar pledges to give up flying.

Even better, they should broaden the example they set by giving up motoring, too.

But not today.

Let them think about it, then make their lifetime commitments to saving the planet, after they have returned home at the end of this week’s sittings of the House.

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