The scuttling of High Country amenity values

Alf congratulates the High Country farmer who has won a significant test case against the Crown.

He agrees with the litigious farmer – or rather, he firmly hopes – the victory will open the door for a change in legislation.

The case has made a nonsense of the idea a property has an “amenity value”, based on some notion about its scenic value. It’s a notion that would put a huge price on the interior of the Eketahuna Club, if Alf was doing the valuing, because he finds it hugely attractive.

But back to the High Country and Radio NZ’s news that –

Jonathan Wallis of Minaret Station opposed increases to rent for High Country leases after a Government review included amenity values in calculating the rents.
Amenity values take into consideration the value derived from the location or view the property has.

Many High Country farmers believe amenity values are irrelevant and unfairly inflate the cost of leasing the land.

Mr Wallis won his case at the Land Valuation Tribunal in Dunedin and says the victory paves the way for the Government to change its policy.

That should scuttle amenity values. Alf harbours a dark suspicion it might not.

3 Responses to The scuttling of High Country amenity values

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    Linz will surely appeal.
    Mind you the decision of the LVT seems eminently sensible.

  2. […] Alf Grumble’s approval of the ruling suggests he will be lobbying for that. Although I suspect that won’t be necessary because unlike the previous administration this one appreciates that a sheep isn’t worth any more because the land it grazes has a good view. […]

  3. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Well you see chaps, the Bilious Bitch liked tramping in the mountains and of course this was the best way she and her creepy sidekick could make those High Country National Party rich prick supporters pay for her indulgence.

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