Why Wira wasn’t a winner

Looks like Whaleoil was burning the midnight oil, to bring news to the blogosphere of the National Party’s new board and Wira Gardiner’s failure to win a place. He submitted his post at 2.53am.

Alf was tucked up in bed at that time, has slept in this morning, and so has been beaten to the punch.

Dunno if Whaleoil got any sleep but he was back on the job at 9:08am to bring news that the board selected Peter Goodfellow as the new National Party president to succeed Judy Kirk.

He is not impressed.

When it comes to who was first to bring us news of the party’s new board, Alf notes that an NZPA report was timed at 5.28pm yesterday. There may have been earlier reports.

But Whaleoil is entitled to brag (and does) that he got it right while the mainstream media got it wrong when they predicted Wira Gardiner would get on the board.

Ok so The Whale is 5-0 on the board selections and the MSM is 0-5. They all predicted Wira Gardiner would get on the board and they were all wrong.

They also missed the announcement so intent they were of rogering Bill English. They had to get the results from a blogger.

So Whaleoil predicted the board positions and got it 100% right. Michelle Boag’s campaign and strategy making abilities are in tatters after he ill-founded plan to elect Wira Gardiner to the board and then the presidency was spiked by an enthusiastic blogger as is her husband’s reputation after a drunken accosting of the Whale on Friday night in full view of several witnesses.

Alf advises party supporters who are interested in this stuff to read what Whale Oil has to say on the matter, including his expression of sorrow for Wira Gardiner and why he reckons Wira didn’t pass muster.

He also gave us his pick for the presidency, telling us why he reckoned it wouldn’t be Peter Goodfellow, the fellow tipped by the MSM to replace Judy Kirk.

Can’t win ’em all, eh?

As for the NZPA, it reported yesterday –

Wellington, Aug 1 NZPA – High profile candidate Wira Gardiner has missed out on a place on the National Party board of directors.

Delegates at the National Party conference today chose from eight candidates to fill five of the vacancies and Mr Gardiner came sixth.

The board is made up of Prime Minister John Key, one caucus representative, the party’s general manager and seven elected members.

There were five vacancies among the elected members with eight people seeking the nomination.

The top polling candidate was Auckland lawyer and chief executive of the Make a Wish Foundation, Scott Simpson.

Mr Simpson was seeking re-election.

Also elected were Alastair Bell, Kate Hazlett, Grant McCallum and Pat Seymour.

Mr Gardiner had run a very profile campaign, but National delegates say this may have back-fired on him.

Some were also concerned that his wife, Hekia Parata, was a sitting MP and that this may have represented a conflict of interest.

It was announced today that Mr Gardiner was accepting a knighthood that came with the DCNZM he was awarded in 2008.

The NZPA report goes on to remind us that Gardiner served as lieutenant colonel in the army, and helped set up the Maori Development Ministry and the Waitangi Tribunal.

But he parted ways with the National Party in 2005 when Don Brash was leading us and launched his Iwi/Kiwi campaign.

Mr Gardiner returned to the party and had been considered by many to be a certainty for the board and a possibility for president.

Those who read Whaleoil would have been better informed on that score.

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