Shameful carry-on in Kaikohe

Don’t often feel sorry for Aussies (as should be evident from my previous posting).

That’s not so in the disgraceful case of Glenn Hannah, the bloke who bought a Kaikohe building in April but has yet to spend a day in it.

His experience is a bloody outrage. The cops wouldn’t throw out the buggers who are squatting in the building until Hannah got a court order, despite the obvious trespass.

Now he has won his court order to kick them out, the cops must tai-ho until the district court ruling has been taken to appeal.

Australian Glenn Hannah bought 47 Broadway in April, but has yet to spend a day in the building as it has been occupied by protest group Nga Uri o Tupoto Maori.

The group says that native title to the land supersedes any other legal title, despite district court Judge Keith de Ridder rubbishing this claims last week. He gave it until last Friday to leave.

But yesterday, the group was still firmly ensconced after High Court judge Graham Lang ruled that Kaikohe police could not take action until an appeal was heard.

Hannah can be forgiven his growing sense of frustration at the way the law is being mocked and the authorities taken for a ride.

Obviously a civil bloke, he says he spoke to the squatters, including protest leader Gina Craig, over the weekend.

Waste of breathe. These are uncivil people.

He said Ms Craig had been “really giving me a hard time”.

“They’re not moving. They’ve told me it’s going to cost me a lot of money [going back to court]. It’s more of the same, really.

“They’re just going to blow out my legal costs”.

Which raises a good question: how did the squatters raise the readies to keep this farce going? How big is their war-chest? And how much of it comes from taxpayers?

All the politicians and lobbyists who champion the upholding of property rights have been shamed by their silence on this one.

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