Is PM after Keisha’s advice – or just a photo opportunity?

Gotta say Alf feels badly let down by The Boss.

Prime Minister John Key now says he is prepared to have a chat with actor Keisha Castle-Hughes over her stance on climate change, according to the NZ Herald.

On Tuesday he said that Castle-Hughes, who is an ambassador for Greenpeace’s Sign On campaign, “should stick to acting”.

In response Castle-Hughes said she would love to talk to him and maybe he would discover that she knew more than he thought she did.

She said the only message she wanted to send Mr Key was that it was the perfect time to commit New Zealand to the 40 per cent emission target.

Mr Key said his earlier comments were “rather flippant”.

Alf is pissed off to learn of this pathetic back-peddling. Thought he had more spine.

What he gave this Keisha creature was bloody good advice, and why he should want to talk to her about climate change – or anything much, except how to ride a whale – has Alf bewildered.

Obviously Key won’t meet everybody who hankers for a chat with him to discuss climate change, and whatever she might say will not be changing the government’s position.

So what’s the point?

If this does pave the way for anyone to invite themselves to chat with the PM, how will he deal with the queue?

Or will he expose himself as a bloke in search of photo opportunities by declining to talk to anyone who isn’t a celebrity? Or who isn’t a young attractive female (if you don’t mind them on the skinny side)?

Like Bill English’s housing arrangements, that would be a bad look.

3 Responses to Is PM after Keisha’s advice – or just a photo opportunity?

  1. pmofnz says:

    Shades of Clinton in North Korea.

    Next thing we will be seeing Greenpeace picture ops with ‘PM Endorses Climate Change’ or suchlike drivel.

    Spine was definitely needed here.

  2. Sally says:

    It must be rather nerve racking being a back bench MP, not knowing what the true parameters are re the leadership.

  3. Pique Oil says:

    Alf, the betrayal has started. In a former life I would have joined you in the Ekkie Club for a couple (of dozen).
    Please be so kind as to have a couple of sorrow drowners for me.

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