Carisbrook purchase should be council’s undoing

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide is bound to score good political brownie points from the Dunedin City Council’s misguided decision to buy Carisbrook from the Otago Rugby Football Union.

According to NZPA –

The final sale price will not be made public until after figures are presented to a closed part of next Monday’s full council meeting, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Mayor Peter Chin confirmed the paperwork had been signed but declined to release further details.

The ground is understood to be worth about $7 million.

And so ratepayers are being dragged into the business of running a sports ground.

It’s exactly what Hide quite rightly says local bodies should not be doing with public money.

Moreover, they don’t have a rugby team – or any team – worth supporting down that way.

Now it’s a done deal, the best the locals can do is make bloody sure they throw out Chin and other councillors who supported the deal at the next elections.

One Response to Carisbrook purchase should be council’s undoing

  1. Sally says:

    Councillors receive ALL their advice from their OWN internal (council) sources.

    Councillors have to either accept or reject the “internal” reports.

    Today because the majority of meetings are held behind closed doors, generally the public does not hear what individual councillors feel about proposals being put forward.

    The pressure for a councillor against rejection of a proposal is considerable.


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