Collecting child support – to get it done, dump Dunne

Reckon we need a new Minister of Inland Revenue.

Crusher Collins or Mauler Paula are good prospects – someone who won’t be so mamby-pamby about the level of parents (almost a third) who are shunning child support obligations, the highest rate in five years.

At June 30, the child support hole totalled $1.5 billion.

Inland Revenue is chasing more than $527 million owed by parents, with more than $1 billion owed in penalties.

Figures issued under the Official Information Act show more than 127, 000 parents have child support obligations but 37,702, or 29.5 per cent, fail to pay, according to the report on Stuff. And the debt owed by 547 parents earning six-figure salaries has nearly doubled in three years to $10.9m.

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said the level of child support debt was unacceptably high. It was of concern that a significant proportion was penalties rather than the principal.

No, “concern” is the wrong word.

It’s a bloody disgrace and Dunne is the wrong Minister to sort it out. He’s been Minister of Inland Revenue for ever, and it’s time for change. Crusher or Mauler – Ministers with attitude and balls.

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