Here’s to 20 years without news of Millie

Alf was cheered by the headline Millie resigned to possible prison term

It seems the estranged daughter of broadcaster Paul Holmes appeared alone in court as her father was preparing to farewell her grandmother at a funeral in Hastings.

Elder was making her first appearance at Waitakere District Court on a charge of driving while suspended. She was bailed to reappear later this month.

Wearing jeans and sporting a fresh tattooed heart on her middle finger, the former model said she was a totally different person from the woman she was two years ago.

On the dole and proud, she said she had found true love and happiness with her live-in partner Connor Morris, a kickboxer and son of patched Head Hunter Chris Morris.

Elder, who has had a very public battle with P, claimed she was drug-free.

She said she was “pissed off” by her father’s scathing comments about the Head Hunters on his TV documentary Chasing The Ghost, which highlighted the P issue through the lives of people destroyed by the drug.

It transpires she is facing a raft of drug and bail breach charges, and – attesting to her brain being addled thanks to her P habit – admitted getting confused about which court dates were for which allegations.

But she was realistic about her situation – and the possibility of a prison sentence.

“If it happens, it happens, I will just deal with it. There’s not much I can do about it.”

It shouldnt be a matter of it it happens – it should be one of when it happens.

And if it means Alf doesn’t have to read another word about the antics of this very silly bitch while she is banged up, here’s hoping she gets 20 years.

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