Keisha should be chuffed as Key yields the high ground

Bring back Rob Muldoon.

Yep. It sounds like a heresy.

But Rob would never have apologised to Whale Rider star Keisha Castle-Hughes – as John Key has done – for suggesting she “stick to acting” rather than debate climate change issues.

The only saving grace is that The Boss didn’t dive for the photo opportunity, as Alf previously had feared, by being pictured with the somewhat skinny lass.

But the whole silly affair has left those Greenpeace wankers looking a helluva lot better than they should be looking as they try to humiliate we Nats on our climate change policy.

Key had earlier offered to have a “cuppa” with the actor and Greenpeace ambassador, but the apology was yesterday conveyed over the phone.

Castle-Hughes is one of the celebrity faces of the Greenpeace “Sign On” campaign urging the government to commit to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. The government has said it will aim for a 10-20% reduction.

Castle-Hughes wouldn’t go into the details of Key’s call yesterday, but confirmed he had apologised for comments made during a business forum in Brisbane over a week ago, when he told the 500-strong crowd: “My advice to Keisha would be this: `Stick to acting’.”

Bloody good advice, but the skinny celebrity took umbrage.

Now – according to the Sunday Star-Times – the two appear to have “made up”.

She released a statement to the newspaper; a spokesman for Key did likewise.

And Alf is left profoundly disappointed. The PM was holding the high ground. So why come down from it?

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