Maori Council should try tipping the scales with a case

Dunno what sorts of dickheads are running loose in the New Zealand Maori Council.

But the buggers are vowing to keep fighting for Maori ownership of water, even though the High Court has refused them leave to take the case to the Supreme Court over the issue.

That means pissing more Maori money – or is it public money? – against the courtroom wall.

Spokesperson Jim Nicholls says water is a taonga under the Treaty of Waitangi, but there’s no requirement to give Maori applications priority when consents are allocated.

Trustpower and the Attorney General, on behalf of the Government, applied to have the case struck out.

Mr Nicholls says that could have tipped the scales.

He told Waatea News the Maori Council is considering an appeal.

So what – exactly – tipped the scales?

That Trustpower and the Attorney-General, on behalf of the Government, applied to have the case struck out?

This supposes that who goes to court is more important than the soundness of the case they present.

Bollocks (as is much of the stuff uttered by Maori leaders when braying about their taonga).

The case for ownership of the country’s water to be granted to Maori is palpable nonsense.

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