Bugger the benefits – what about Alf’s pay?

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

They are an unconscionable pack of buggers in the Maori Party.

They were opposed to an emissions trading scheme not too long ago…but now they want to force the Government into increasing benefit payments as part of a deal to support an ETS.

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples yesterday revealed hiking benefits to ease price increases caused by the scheme was part of its negotiations with National.

Dr Sharples said they were discussing “an increase in the benefit just over this period to allow people to cope with the new expenses”.

“We’re still negotiating that one but we basically got heard that at least there should be a slight increase in the benefit during that period.”

But as the NZ Herald points out, increasing benefits would come at a cost to the Government’s books.

And Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s concerns for fiscal rigour over-ride her generous spirit and warm-hearted attitudes to the needy.

“I don’t want to see benefits going up at all,” she said.

Good for her.

Let’s face it: prices for all consumers will increase under an ETS.

So if benefits are to be raised as a form of compensation, wages and salaries should be lifted too, including those of hard-working MPs like Alf.

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