Will dropping the “h” be a hanging offence?

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

It was inevitable, of course, that the Wanganui District Council would consider appealing the New Zealand Geographic Boards’ decision today to insert the letter H in Wanganui.

True, as the Herald reports,

any name change has yet to be approved by Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson, who may confirm, modify or reject it.

But Alf isn’t putting his money on his mate Maurice having the balls to over-ride the board.

Historian Diana Beaglehole has traced the history of the spelling of the city’s name.

Essentially, she finds it has been spelled without an h since the 1830s and – before that – there was no written Maori language to provide a lead.

But she is not surprised at the Geographic Board wankers’ ruling and their reasoning.

Nor is Alf.

So what will happen if the board is simply ignored?

What penalty will be imposed – and by whom – if Alf, Mayor Laws and the rest of those who are so inclined continue to forget about the “h”?

Let’s put it to the test.

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